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R.M. of Fertile Valley No. 285

Our municipality is located along the west side of the South Saskatchewan River, approximately 100 km south west of Saskatoon.  It is written that Fertile Valley was named by the early settlers to the area because of  the heavy growth of prairie wool.  Our municipality is also lined with many tree rows of caraganas which were planted as shelterbelts to aid in fighting drought and blowing in the 1930s.

The municipality contains the Villages of Macrorie and Conquest and former Villages of Ardath, Bounty, Bratton, Surbiton and Anerley.  The municipality has a rural population of 604 over 1,016 square kilometers.

Our main industry is agriculture; dryland farming, irrigation, and livestock raising (cattle, sheep and bison).  Highway No. 15 runs through the middle of our municipality from east to west, with access to Lake Diefenbaker and the Gardiner Dam, north and south on Highway No. 45 and No. 44.  Other water ways within the RM include Macdonald Creek, Milden Lake, Anerley Lakes, Stockwell Lake, Coteau Lake.

The municipal office is located in the Village of Conquest, just north of Highway No. 15 or west of Highway No. 45.


The Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency is encouraging our ratepayers and residents to download the SaskAlert App so they can receive critical COVID-19 information as it comes available. The more people that have the app, the more efficient they can be in providing emergency information for our area. Give it a try!


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