Waste Disposal Services 

The R.M. of Fertile Valley No. 285 has an agreement with the Town of Outlook for RM ratepayers to haul their garbage to the Outlook Waste Disposal Site.  The ratepayer must provide their name and legal land location to the gate attendant where the load will be recorded and the RM invoiced for the fee.  The hours for the Waste Disposal Site are Tuesday to Saturday 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Green Single-Stream Recycling – Emterra Environmental – Conquest and Macrorie

The municipality shares the costs of single-stream recycling with the Village of Conquest for any

R.M. of Fertile Valley No. 285 ratepayers.  For northern ratepayers, the green bins are located in the Village of Conquest between the Conquest Co-op at the Post Office.  For southern ratepayers, the  municipality has green bins that are located in the Village of Macrorie.   Check for a list of accepted materials under Public Notice.

“Don’t sort them.  Don’t bag them.  Just empty them and toss them in loose.”

Pest Control Officer

The municipality participates in the Provincial Rat Eradication Program offered through SARM and contracts a Pest Control Officer to do a spring and fall inspection of all farm sites in the municipality.  Mouse and rat poison are available free of charge to our ratepayers.  Please contact the RM Office should you need the services of our Pest Control Officer or feel your property missed an inspection.

Beaver Control Program

The municipality participates in the Beaver Control Program offered through SARM.  Council authorizes individuals in the municipality to control problem beaver.  Should you have a problem, please contact the RM Office.

Municipal Wells – Potable and Non-Potable Water

The R.M. of Fertile Valley No. 285 has only one potable well for use by ratepayers.  It is located on the SW 01-27-09 W3 (Big Valley Well).  Testing of the potable well is completed quarterly and sent to the Provincial Lab for analysis.  Results are posted on the R.M. of Fertile Valley’s Facebook page. There are two non-potable wells – one located on the NE 35-30-09 W3 (Ardath Well) and on the NW 09-29-09 W3 (Denny Well).  No testing is done at these wells and signs are posted.  You are welcome to do your own test if using the wells.

**Provincial Lab testing bottles are available at the RM Office for use by RM ratepayers**