Road Maintenance

The R.M. of Fertile Valley No. 285 looks after its own road maintenance using R.M. equipment.
All work is coordinated through the Foreman and Councilor for each division.


The municipality owns 3 graders. Grading of roads is done on a regular rotation basis with grid roads and high traffic roads receiving first priority. The ratepayer’s first line of contact is with their division Councilor.


The Foreman prepares a gravel map each spring with input from each division Councilor. The municipality has different sources of gravel throughout the R.M. A normal budget amount for gravel crushing, loading and hauling per year is around $250,000.00. The municipality does not sell private gravel to our ratepayers. Please contact the contractor of your choice.

Mowing Ditches

The municipality owns 2 mowers. The Foreman coordinates the mowing starting in mid-June and continuing on into late fall with the goal to complete 2 cuts throughout the R.M.

Custom Work / Equipment Rentals

The municipality will only take on custom work if time permits. Ratepayer and non-ratepayer rates apply. Also, an ancient tree planter is available for rent within the municipality for our ratepayers.